Stonewall Pride Circles

Thank you, @ShortNorthArtsDistrict and @StonewallColumbus for this awesome opportunity!

Below is some of my statement on the work: When invited to create a visual work for Stonewall Columbus in the Short North, I immediately remembered the rift that opened in our community in 2017, during that year’s Pride event. I also recalled that the original Stonewall in New York was the well known start of a riot, started by Black, & Latino Trans people that sparked a national and ongoing conversation about the rights of Trans people, Gays, and Lesbians in America.

That riot was started by people who, pushed to the margins, had seen lifetimes of oppression, and their patience had finally run out.

Though Stonewall has gone through some major changes since 2017, the building stood silent during the Black Lives Matter/George Floyd protests in 2020. Being a community center, I hoped for more. Despite my wariness, I am hopeful because of the many friends and acquaintances I know who I see have stepped up to commit to making change within. I am honored to have a chance to share my creativity in their push to be the community resource we desire them to be.

The design I created shows a few of the many pride and identity flags in our community, arranged in what I feel is a more impactful visual form than the rectangle shapes we usually see these flags in. These many bands of color that define US display in a unified form of pond ripples, with each of us working as the pebbles that break the surface through small efforts that combine to make waves in the waters of change. These ripples coalesce around the entrance of Stonewall, creating a warm and welcoming embrace around the many voices in our community who enter.
Step into the center of one of these pride circles and you may literally see the impact your efforts could make!

Pride Flag Circles

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