Protest Murals

2020-21 | Art to support and inspire the George Floyd Protesters in Columbus OH , and to underline the fact that Black lives really do matter.

Started in May of 2020, in reaction to the Black Lives Matter Protest, I found another way to express my perspectives through art, and use it to educate, and inspire hope, contemplation, & conversation.

Thankful to all the business owners in Columbus who invited me to rise to the challenge of producing live art in support of a movement focused on social justice and human rights, and to paint #blackwordsinwhitespaces. I’m not sure how long I’ll get chances to do this work, but I’m enjoying the learning curves and the chances to work with friends, new and old!

Ohio Theatre

The mural that started a visual avalanche was located across from the Ohio Statehouse. It was an invitation from CAPA and was led by Blockfort Studios in a collaboration lead by Adam Brouillette, and Jen Wrubleski, and joined by Andy Graham and me. I stand with creative giants!



First solo mural, design to hand painted finish on Gay St., north of N. High St.



Lead designer on a collaborative project on Broad St., across from the Columbus Museum of Art

  • All People Arts – Mural League
  • Veritas
  • Easton’s old BonVie building
  • A Fence in Linden
  • Ohio Theatre