Deliver Black Dreams – 5th Ave.

In late 2020, once the protests died down, I was invited to join a group of artists who would support the city in creating a public art work that spoke to Councilmember Shayla Favor’s desire to show City support of of the changes demanded by Columbus citizens. While the original ask was to paint a major street with a large phrase that could be seen by drone or on Google maps, the group advising streets were concerned about the potential issues it could create. Through many discussions, we were offered a handful of the city’s retaining walls to make our statements. I got to work on creating some concepts on a Friday, and by Monday, we had two concepts to present to the city! By the end of the year, we managed to get our first of 3 murals painted, and it was a community effort. Below show some process photos showing the power of our community coming together to push for positive change.

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