A Creative Collaboration | visual art: Lisa McLymont • poetry: Chere R. Hampton

Once we freed ourselves from the negative perspective that “redlining” has on us, we were able to focus on acknowledging all our people have done to build this city/world. 

We will always be tied to the elements of this country; it’s soil, it’s history.
We aim to reclaim parts of this land to support of the health and betterment of our next generations.

We’ll Always Be Here
By: Chere R. Hampton

We’ll always be here.  
No matter how many freeways or bridges you build,
We’ll always find a way to thrive.  
No matter how high you construct your walls, fences, and gated communities, you’ll feel our presence in everything.
You need us.  We built this country and have influenced everything.
We fill the void with color, flair, style, and love.
Copy our fashion, co-opt our music, mimic our recipes, but our culture remains
the pulse of this land, and without it and us, you would be lost.
We’re the roots, the branches and the heart of this city.
Our blood, sweat, and tears, are the mud, glue, and foundation of this country.  
We are the soul of this world.
Our blues is magic.  
Our lives are a testament of strength, will, and perseverance.
We are undeniably America, and we’ll always be here.  
Adjust yourselves accordingly, and open your eyes.